1Evaluation of Pakistan’s Horticulture Export Potential – An Application of the Gravity Model
2Making Economic Hubs Thrive: A Case for Fiscal and Administrative Devolution in Sindh
3Prospects of Cryptocurrencies - A Context of Pakistan
4Unfair Power Tariff for Trade and Industry - Impact of Cross-Subsidisation
5Assessment of Monetary Policy Effectiveness in Pakistan
6Policy Brief on Monetary Policy - September 2021
7Letter to FM on Debt Mismanagement
8Trade Report on Belarus
9Trade Report on Tajikistan
10Trade Report on Ukraine
11Trade Report on Kazakhistan
12FPCCIs Call for Economic Emergency and Proposed Reforms
13FPCCI'S Proposal for the Federal Budget 2022-23
14Import Substitution Opportunities - Investing in Refineries
15Import Substitution Opportunities Redesigning Pakistan’s Agriculture Policy
16Import Substitution Opportunities Reviving Pakistan's Steel Industry
17Tracking the Business Cycles and Prospects of Economic Growth: A Context of Pakistan