Mr. Suleman Chawla, Senior Vice President of FPCCI, is presenting the official crest to H.E. Ismatullo Nasredin, Ambassador of Tajikistan in Pakistan. Mr. Shaukat Omerson & Haji Muhammad Yaqoob, Vice Presidents of FPCCI and others are also present on the occasion.

Tajikistan Wants Enhanced Trade Ties with Pakistan: Ambassador Ismatullo

Karachi (PR): H.E. Ismatullo Nasredin, Ambassador of Tajikistan in Pakistan, has expressed his desire for an enhanced level of trade and economic ties with the brotherly country of Pakistan. He said that he is pleased to be visiting the apex chamber of FPCCI with his delegation to explore the avenues for cooperation and open the doors to tap the potential areas of cooperation.

H.E. Ismatullo Nasredin added that he attaches great importance to the business community of Pakistan for the exploration of bilateral cooperation – be it trade, investments, joint ventures or bilateral linkages.

Mr. Suleman Chawla, Senior Vice President of FPCCI, expressed his profound concerns that the bilateral trade volume between the two countries is very low as compared to the potential that exists and remains to be tapped. He also called upon the business communities of both the sides to make full use of Pakistan’s accession into the United Nations’ TIR Convention that enables cross-border trade through land-based logistics; as that is faster & cheaper at the same time.

Mr. Shaukat Omerson, VP FPCCI, added that TIR transportation system is the only international intermodal customs transit arrangement which establishes a major facilitation tool for both transport and trade. Pakistan’s accession will surely enhance the opportunities for bilateral & regional trade between Pakistan and the regional & sub-regional countries, he added.

Mr. Haroon Qaiser, Chairman of FPCCI’s Pakistan-Tajikistan Business Council said that FPCCI is ever-willing to provide its apex platform for the Tajikistani importers to help them explore the opportunities to import textiles, rice, fresh & processed food products, surgical goods, IT services,  sports goods, etc.


Brig Iftikhar Opel, SI (M), Retd.

Secretary General