Press Release


1st March, 2018, FPCCI has expressed its deep concern over a recent discussion in the standing committee of Senate on Commerce about shifting of Head office of TDAP from Karachi to Islamabad.

In a statement FPCCI has stated that Karachi is the Hub of trading in Pakistan and it is completely illogical to consider shifting of a trade facilitation organization to somewhere else. Its relocating to Islamabad would only serve the purpose of the some elements who do not want to serve in Karachi and would completely render it dead for the business community in the Capital city as there is negligible business activity there.

If the reason for such proposal is declining exports then certain elements are misguiding the Government for their own vested Interests. There are several other reasons for fall in exports specially the high cost of doing business due to high energy costs and stuck up refunds of the businessmen.

Karachi is a Port City and Government’s Key financial institution State Bank of Pakistan and other important trade related institutions such as Pakistan Customs; Civil Aviation Head quarters are located in Karachi. All over the world such institutions are located in the trading hubs of the Country.

FPCCI strongly opposes any such move to shift this important trade promotion organization from Karachi

Dr. Iqbal Thaheem
Secretary General