Press Release

FPCCI strongly condemns allegations made by the defeated elements in its elections.

(Karachi P.R. 27th January, 2017) FPCCI Spokesman referring to a press statement published in a cross section of print media Yesterday (26 Jan 2017) alleging the FPCCI President for curtailing the powers of the Vice Presidents, had strongly condemned, refuted and termed it baseless and totally fabricated. He clarified that all office bearers have great understanding and harmony and all decisions are being taken with mutual consent.

He clarified that as per decision of the first EC meeting, the nominations were invited from all the aspirants for appointment of the Chairmen of the FPCCI Standing Committees out of which the Chairmen are to be selected keeping in view of the criteria wherein 1st, 2nd & 3rd priority to be given to the EC members, General Body members and Member Trade bodies respectively. The FPCCI spokesman recalled that after a number of decades the FPCCI – under the aegis of newly formed United Business Group (UBG) led by its Chairman, Mr. Iftikhar Ali Malik and Patron-in-Chief Mr. S M Muneer- has become a corruption free and business friendly entity. He elaborated that all the affairs of its member’s trade bodies are run in a transparent manner, based on merit and strictly in compliance with the FPCCI law (Memorandum and Article of Association). He added that all the decisions are taken democratically and in consultation with the Office Bearers and the concerned stakeholders. In this pursuit, the FPCCI leadership always welcomes healthy criticism and pragmatic proposals from all, irrespective of treasury or opposition benches.

The spokesman informed that the above press statement is the outcome of the utter frustration being suffered from, by the badly defeated aspirants/candidates in the recent (2017) FPCCI elections of office bearers wherein the entire business community of Pakistan has reposed great confidence on Zubair Tufail, who won the election with record number of votes (199) casted in his favour.

Maher Alam Khan
Acting Secretary General