Press Release

TDAP Chief played an Instrumental Role in making TDAP a Corruption Free Entity; FPCCI

(Karachi P.R. 19th Sep, 2016) Shaikh Khalid Tawab Acting President FPCCI strongly condemned the statement of the Mr. Riaz Khattak criticizing the performance of TDAP, as published in print media. He said that Mr. Riaz Khattak is totally unaware of the performance of TDAP which after a long time has become a corruption free and business friendly entity under the leadership of S. M. Muneer who is a dedicated and devoted himself to the cause of business community and brought about revolutionary changes in TDAP which has been appreciated by a person not less than the Prime Minister of Pakistan including the business community of Pakistan.

He further expressed his surprise on the poor knowledge of Mr. Riaz Khattak and recalled that prior to assuming the office of Chief Executive, TDAP by Mr. S. M. Muneer in 2013, the TDAP was plunged into mega corruption scandals involving high profile political and bureaucratic personalities. All the trade delegations and exhibitions organized by TDAP in the tenure of Mr. S. M. Muneer yielded fruitful and meaningful results in terms of procuring exports orders and promotion of Pakistan soft image on international horizons. He also recalled that EXPO Pakistan and TEXPO turned out to be a great success which were attended by a large number of foreign buyers and importers who placed substantial orders besides entering into joint ventures. He said that the statement of Mr. Riaz Khattak is emitting frustration and aggravation due to defeat of his group consecutively in the last two elections.
While expressing his views about the decline in exports, he stated that the major cause was global economic recession that affected all regional and leading exporting countries like China, Russia, India, Bangladesh, etc which have also witnessed a declining trend in export mainly due to slump in international market and slash in declining in price.

Maher Alam Khan
Acting Secretary General