Press Release

ECO-CCI Statuary Meetings in December 2016 in Islamabad

(Karachi P.R. 3rd Sep, 2016) In a debriefing meeting, Mr. Abdul Rauf Alam, President of Economic Cooperation Organization Chambers of Commerce & Industry (ECO-CCI) and Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) disclosed that in compliance with the decision taken in the last Executive Committee meeting of ECO-CCI held on August 17.2016 at Tehran, the next meetings of Annual General Body (AGM) and Executive Committee (EC) of ECO-CCI would be held in Islamabad in December 2017. President of ECO CCI and FPCCI further informed that the forthcoming ECO meetings would be of great importance particularly in the wake of on-going CPEC project and opening of Commercial Banking Services in ECO member countries particularly in Iran, ECO Vision 2025 and visa facilitation/TIR conventions which need to be practically implemented. He added that in the next meeting the establishment of Arbitration Centre would be made which would enhance the confidence of the business community of the region. The ECO Trade Fair, ECO-ASEAN business forum, ECO SAARC Business Conclave and ECO Business Forum also came under discussion and pragmatic decisions were taken.

Elaborating about the said meetings, he informed that Specialized Committees’ meetings of ECO-CCI on different issues/subjects including Arbitration, Transportation, Tourism, Economic Cooperation Organization Trade Agreement (ECOTA), Women Entrepreneurs etc. would also be held at Islamabad preceded with AGM and EC meetings. He further informed that preparation for these meetings have been initiated by ECO Secretariat at Pakistan and invitations are being extended to all the ECO member countries vis-a-vis Secretary General of the ECO Secretariat and ECO Bank for their effective participation

The notables among those who attended the briefing were Zubair Malik, Siddique Sheikh, Tariq Sadiq, Khalid Javed, Capt. Raheed Abro, Gulzar Feroz, Ms Naheed Masud, Haleema Taj, Farooq Afzal, Salman Javed, Mehmeood Arshad etc.

(Maher Alam Khan)
Acting Secretary General