Press Release

Commander Pakistan Fleet of Pakistan Navy Vice Admiral Syed Arif Ullah Hussaini said that

Commander Pakistan Fleet of Pakistan Navy Vice Admiral Syed Arif Ullah Hussaini said that(Karachi P.R. 8th July, 2016) Commander Pakistan Fleet of Pakistan Navy Vice Admiral Syed Arif Ullah Hussaini said that the business community of the country will have to adopt modern means of trade and business to meet the challenges of the world trade and that the Pakistan Navy and the trade are interconnected.

He was addressing the Eid Milan Party arranged by Sheikh Khalid Tawab, Senior Vice President of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry at his residence last night. The Eid Milan Party was attended by the leading personalities including Arif Habib, Dr Ikhtiar Baig, Abdul Haseeb Khan, Zubair Tufail, Hanif Gohar, Zubair Chhaya, Gulzar Feroz, Shakeel Dhingra, Bashir Jan Muhammad, Arshad Farooq, Zulfiqar Sheikh, Yahya Polani, Ahmed Chinoy, Mehtab Chawala, Abdul Rahim Janoo, Muneer Sultan, Malik Khuda Bux, Ahmed Shah, Waseem Vohra, Imran Sarwana, Ilyas Sarwana, Shujaat Ali Baig, Usama Qureshi, Salim Sheikh, Rizwana Shahid, Khalid Jawd, Kokab Iqbal, Mahin Khan, Farzana Khan and others.

The Commander Pakistan Fleet emphasized that the business community should be ready to face the challenges being faced by the country as enemies of Pakistan are trying to push the country towards chaos. He said that the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is just not a corridor but it will bring stability for the industries and Pakistan will become a leading country in the region. He also told that many restrictions on Pakistan will end when the country will be included into the Nuclear Suppliers Group soon.

Speaking on this occasion S M Muneer, Patron-in-Chief of United Business Group and Chief Executive TDAP, said that those elements, who had defalcated Rs. 4 million of FPCCI’s employees in the past, will now not be able to come back at any cost and I am happy that at present Rs. 80 million are in FPCCI fund due to hard work of the FPCCI’s present leadership. He urged the business community to be united for the better future of the country. He was confident that the UBG will clinch all seats of the FPCCI in coming elections of the organization.

Addressing the party, Senior Vice President FPCCI Sheikh Khalid Tawab said that economic indicators are in positive territory despite the fact that Pakistan is facing economic crisis. He urged all political parties to leave the politics of confrontation and work for the betterment of people and the country. He also appealed to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to appoint permanent Foreign Minister and Minister for Textile keeping in view regional situation and to speed up exports of the country. He said that the government should announce an amnesty scheme to bring money of overseas Pakistanis back into the country because these funds will support industries of the country. He appealed the government to withdraw double taxation on property and valuation by the State Bank as this act will damage the construction industry.

Speaking on this occasion, Sardar Yaseen Malik said that the FPCCI is a prestigious platform of whole business community of the country and that the leadership of the UBG has worked hard for the betterment of the business community. He told that the FPCCI is supporting every step of the government for the betterment of the trade and business in the country but the government should desist from taking any step detrimental to the trade and business.