Press Release

Sheikh Khalid Tawab urged the Sindh Chief Minister to take preemptive measures in the monsoon season.

(Karachi P.R. 4th July, 2016) Senior Vice President of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) Sheikh Khalid Tawabhas expressed his concern on monsoon rain causing heavy impairment to the roads utilities and basic infrastructure amenities of the metropolis city, which are still in the devastating condition and no relief measures have been taken despite the lapse of a considerable time.

He said that the damages have unveiled the inefficiency and mismanagement of the concerned civic amenities departments who did not undertake any preemptive measures despite the fact that Meteorological Department had repeatedly forecasted heavy rains in the current monsoon season. Resultantly the roads were inundated badly with the filthy sewerage and accumulated rainy water and creating unhygienic conditions and hurdle in the smooth traffic flow and Eid shopping at bazaars when the Eid shopping is in its peak. He further lamented that power remained stand-off for more than 48 hours in most of the areas due to which supply of potable water was also affected.

He urged the Chief Minister and head of all utilities departments to take cognizance of the situation and issue necessary instructions to the concerned officials to take preemptive measures well in time to meet any unforeseen situation likely to be caused by the monsoon rain in this season.