Press Release

FPCCI achieved a lot under present leadership

(Karachi P.R. 18th June, 2016) Sheikh Khalid Tawab Senior Vice President, HanifGohar, Arshad Farooq and Zulfiqar Sheikh, Vice Presidents of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), refuting whimsical claims of the Businessmen Panel (BMP) appeared in some section of the press about the performance of the FPCCI during the last four months, have said the FPCCI under the leadership of United Business Group (UBG) has achieved a number of achievements including approval of reduction in electricity tariff, zero-rated scheme for five export-oriented sectors and refund of exports rebate.

In a statement, theyclarified that the FPCCI under the ruling UBG leadership of Iftikhar Ali Malik and S M Muneer hasbrought about revolutionary changes in the distorted system of FPCCI and improved its image both at national and international levels. While the baseless allegations of BMG reflect the frustration of losing FPCCI election consecutively and a vain effort to misguide business community.

Theyfurther said that the performance of the FPCCI for almost last one and a half year is well visible which has also been appreciated by the person not less than Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. As a result of the meeting with the Prime Minster a reduction of Rs. 3/unit was made in electricity tariff across the board; a zero-rated scheme for five export-oriented sectors would be initiated from July 1, 2016 and all pending claims would be refunded to the exporters by the end of July 2016, they said.

Moreover, they said, that the FPCCI had made comprehensive proposals on Federal Budget 2016-17 for the FBR and subsequently followed-up by a series of meetings at all levels including Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, Special Assistant to the PM Haroon Akhtar, relevant Senators, Chairman FBR etc. and strongly projected its stance on vital issues of inordinate delay in refund of sales tax claims, issuance of demand notices etc.It is also worth mentioning that the FPCCI had made a very strong presentation on its Proposals for Federal Budget 2016-17 to the National Assembly Standing Committee on Finance, they said adding thatthe FPCCI also organized a pre-budget seminar with the collaboration of ICMAP.

They said that the FPCCI successfully organized its 4th Achievement Award Ceremony at President House Islamabad and ensured Pakistan’s participation in a number of trade fairs. The members of BMP are well aware that FPCCI had initiated to restart the construction of FPCCI Capital Office Building, Islamabad, which will be completed by September. In addition to it,they said that the FPCCI is also going to have an ECO meeting in Tehran from 14– 16 August, 2016.
All FPCCI Standing Committees on different subjects and Business Councils have been fully activated.

They informed that FPCCI President Abdul Rauf Alamsigned MoUs with his counter-parts on the occasionsof recent visits of the Presidents of Turkmenistan and Iran. The FPCCI also organized interactive sessions with the delegations of Belorussia, Mauritius and Sri Lanka which were headed by their respective Ministers and also signed a MoU with his Sri Lankan counterpart.

Theysaid that the President FPCCI had also formed a special committee on CPEC and the most important part of this Committee is that Senator Ghulam Ali and Sultan Ahmed Chawla of BMP, are also members of the Committee. They disclosed that the President, during his recent visit to China, attended a Round Table Conference on CPEC. The FPCCI actively participated in the TEXPO Pakistan and signed a number of MoUs with France, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Netherland, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Spain and Indonesia and the Federation is sparing no efforts to promote Halal Food sector.

They said that the organization had a very detailed meeting/interactive session with the Governor State Bank of Pakistan which was also attended by Presidents of all the scheduled banks. Moreover,the President FPCCI has also held a comprehensive meeting with the Chief Ombudsman, they said.